Looking for the best home insurance quote?

It is perfectly natural to want to pay the absolute minimum for home insurance, but for some people this just isn't possible, and for others it could be the worst mistake they have ever made.

The quickest, simplest and most efficient way of searching through dozens or possibly even hundreds of insurance companies for quotes is to use price comparison engines. These are great for those people who have had no claims within at least the last five years, who have houses of standard construction (in other words, brick walls and tiled or slated roofs) in a good condition of repair, who do not use the house in any way for a business purpose and who have had no criminal convictions. Unfortunately this rules out a very high proportion of applicants who can well find themselves wasting a lot of time filling in online proposal forms only to find no insurer wishes to give them a quotation. The only option that these households have is to use the services of a broker; whilst they are extremely unlikely to be able to get the very low prices that are quoted by many online insurers they should still be able to find a fair price. Insurance Choice specialise in the more difficult to find home insurance; you can ring them on 0844 55 77 926.

Secondly, many people buy insurance which is just too cheap. An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the buyer, and like all contracts it has conditions. Home insurance companies are not charities and those that are offering extremely low prices are very often those that offer the least in return. It can be an extremely false economy to save a few pounds (or even a few hundred pounds) on buying the cheapest possible policy but to find that claims in the future are refused, on the very reasonable grounds that the policy details preclude them. A typical case can be what is called trace and access' cover, which many cheaper policies do not include. If you have trace and access cover and there is a leak in a sewer which causes your drive to collapse, it would be reasonable to assume that your insurance company would pay at least a major part of the cost of digging up your drive, repairing the sewer and relaying the drive to the same condition it was in before the problem; without it the insurance company could, quite legally and ethically, refused to pay out for anything more than repairing the actual leak in the sewer leaving you with a bill for, potentially, thousands of pounds to pay yourself.

The moral to this is clear; cheap home insurance is usually cheap for a good reason, and it is absolutely imperative that when you are buying a policy you read it through thoroughly to ensure that you understand just what it covers, and what it does not cover, and make your decision based upon a thorough assessment of the risks you may face, rather than simply the cost of the policy.

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